the story behind the find your sweat movement

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Karinn and Cori met through an unconventional but not so abnormal medium - on social media.  The two found each other through Houston's health and fitness space and local events, and after meeting for coffee one day discovered that they were both focused in the same areas and had similar passions.  A coffee date lead to days of brainstorming, planning, and a friendship.  The two created the Find Your Sweat™ movement, where they planned 30 days of workouts throughout the city of Houston, featuring local gyms, studios, and group fitness classes.

Quickly gaining exposure and traction, Cori and Karinn found purpose in hosting events to empower women, bring women together, network, and build organic friendships while simultaneously staying healthy and promoting quality businesses across the city.

Cori and Karinn saw the timing of their meeting as serendipitous.  Both were going through different obstacles in life and not only brainstormed an idea that lead to business, but they were also able to find friendship, comfort, and laughter during hard times.  The two hope to bring similar friendships, opportunities, and connections to the city of Houston.

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cori scherer

Cori has over five years of experience in both public relations and marketing.  She began her professional career in the cosmetics world, working for a global cosmetics company in influencer marketing and PR.  While there, she discovered the value of partnerships, social media, and successful event planning.  She then worked for an advertising and public relations agency as an account manager, working on experiential events, new business accrual, social media management, drafting press releases, and much more.  She also recently worked in game operations for the NBA.

Currently, Cori manages her blog at, works with a local radio station on a health/wellness show, and she thrives off of creating content that helps businesses convey their message, providing advice and making an impact on her audience, and remaining organic and relatable in an otherwise scripted space.


karinn andrea

Karinn has worked in the experiential marketing and events industry for over 10 years while simultaneously working on her own passion projects and side hustles. With an innate entrepreneurial mindset, she has owned two businesses, opening her first at age 23 in Denver, Colorado. Through trial and error she found that the best business is the one you love. 

As an Account Executive for the Houston Press, she worked side by side with restaurants and local businesses to create advertising campaigns. She also helped Uber Eats launch restaurants on their app. With her love for food and health, she created her brand Feed the Curves to promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset. She now manages, creates content, and develops recipes with her blog.